5 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs To Be Replaced

A heat pump is the most efficient and versatile HVAC equipment. After heat pump installation in Victoria, it helps with the comfort requirements throughout the year. A heat pump takes the hot air from outside natural sources and pumps it inside during winters, whereas it takes indoor hot air and throws it outside during summers.

You can also install a ductless heat pump that needs less maintenance and is more energy-friendly than traditional ducted heat pumps. This system also provides a multi-zone facility giving you full control over each room’s temperature. A heat pump usually doesn’t break down before 15 years. However, it may need some repairs during this period. 

5 Signs to Look for Heat Pump Repair in Victoria

You can reduce the chances of malfunctions and save money on repairs if you invest in annual heat pump services. When it needs a repair, your heat pump indicates this need through the listed signs.

  • Bills Exceed Expectations

When your heat pump has been downgraded, it shows the need for repair through high electricity bills. If your heat pump bills keep on rising, this means your heat pump requires repair. When the heat pump lacks oiling or is too dirty to work, it consumes more electricity than required to provide the desired outcome and increases electricity bills. Improper wiring systems and leakage also add expenses to your utility bills.

  • Temperature Inconsistency

If the temperature in your room fluctuates often, and sometimes, you feel too cold or too hot, your heat pump is malfunctioning and needs an urgent inspection. The uneven temperature is also an indication of HVAC repair. In this situation, contact our certified technicians for heat pump repair in Victoria.

  • Louder than Before

If your heat pump is operating with weird noises and the noises become louder over time, some internal damage needs to be fixed with a repair immediately. A broken or faulty blower fan, motor, and condenser are mostly responsible for loud noises.

  • Short Cycling Issue

It is called short cycling if your heat pump turns ON and OFF. Short cycling can be the outcome of multiple reasons, and you need to hire one of our technicians to know the exact root cause of the repetitive short cycling. However, if you experience heat pump short cycling only once, you may be able to fix it by restarting the circuit breaker.

  • Undesirable Outcome

If the heat pump provides hot air during summers and cool air during winters, this undesirable outcome results from some internal damage. The thermostat probably needs a repair or a replacement in this case. Call our reliable HVAC professionals to trouble this heat pump malfunction.

Investing in a new heat pump will result in greater efficiency and higher-caliber performance when the old one experiences frequent breakdowns.

Summing Up

Whether you need a heating repair or a heat pump installation in VictoriaH.I. Mechanical Inc. can provide you with both services. We have a team of efficient and highly skilled technicians. For us, quality is a priority. Call us for any HVAC service you need, and trust our excellence.