Do ACs Function In High Temperatures?

We now have smart air conditioners, which help to keep our homes cool and comfortable during the summer. Every now and then, a heat wave comes through that is so intense that your air conditioner cannot keep up. Your air conditioner needs to work harder the hotter it is outside, which requires AC replacement in Langford sooner than expected.

1. How Does Heat Affect the AC?

A central air conditioner is a heat transfer device with two heat exchangers. These exchangers use heat in two environments. The exchanger begins by capturing heat from the air within your home. The heated air is then sent to the outdoor condensing unit after it has collected that air. According to experts for AC installation in Langford, the amount of heat energy from the warm outside air will likewise be limited by that exchange. The AC will work harder to keep you cool on hot days.

In addition, the air conditioner must exclude any warm air that may be seeping into your home from other places, such as the gaps around your doors and windows. The heated external air must expel all of this hot air. The AC unit is working to cool down all these warm air sources.

The balance concept serves as the foundation of your air conditioner. The system can function more effectively when both habitats are tuned to roughly the same temperature. However, it is more difficult for the indoor climate to get colder than the outside when the temperature rises. The system will have to work more to keep your house comfortable when there is a significant temperature difference, such as in hot and humid weather.

According to AC installation in Langford experts, at 80 degrees rather than 95 degrees, your unit will find it easier to reject heat. You put more significant strain on the entire system when it has to work harder to keep you cool. Any additional strain can cause components to fail or break down in the future. 

2. Tips to Stay Cool this Summer at Home:

You can do things to decrease the temperature inside further in the interim. They consist of the following:

  • The daytime hours should be spent with your blinds closed.
  • Instead of using the stove or oven, cook outside.
  • Replace your AC filter.
  • To avoid overusing your air conditioner, raise the temperature a little.
  • Trim back your shrubs and clear the area around your outdoor air conditioner of clutter.
  • When it’s cooler outside, do your clothes and run your dishwasher in the early morning or late at night.
  • Use a hose to clean the condenser.
  • Do not block vents since your air conditioner needs to distribute air evenly and under pressure.


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