How Much Does It Cost You To Get Your Furnace Serviced?

Your furnace will keep you warm from extreme winters this year. In order to maintain your furnace to ensure it operates smoothly, you should schedule for heating service and furnace installation in Victoria. Below is a guide for the costs associated with these services.

Cost of Furnace Maintenance

You can expect to pay between $60 to $450 for your furnace maintenance. This cost depends on several factors, such as the contractor you hire, the place you live, and whether you have purchased a maintenance plan or not.

How Do Contractors Charge for your Furnace Maintenance?

An HVAC company can charge you for furnace maintenance in one of the following ways:

  • One Time Tune Up

In this pricing method, a contractor will charge you a fee for a one-time maintenance visit, and you can expect the cost of this single tune-up to be anywhere between $50 to $200.

  • Annual Maintenance Plan

Many HVAC companies offer annual maintenance plans where you can pay an annual or monthly fee to maintain your furnace. The cost of this maintenance plan can range anywhere between $200 to $400. Generally, these plans include two HVAC tune-ups per year, one for your air conditioner and one for the heating system.

It also includes benefits, such as discounts on repairs exclusively for those with this maintenance plan. Even though you have to pay more for an annual maintenance plan, it is worth the money. You will get many additional benefits that make it more valuable than the one-time tune-up.

  • Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Many homeowners often wonder whether furnace maintenance and services are really necessary. The reality is that these maintenance and services are done by a professional that helps enhance the performance and increases the lifetime of your furnace. It provides benefits such as:

  • High Efficiency

Maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning your furnace and all the components that help it run more smoothly and efficiently. This high efficiency will make your monthly energy bills lower than before.

  • Fewer Repairs

A professional will inspect, examine and evaluate your whole unit, which helps reduce the risk of any breakdown in the system. It will save you money on costly repairs and replacements, making your furnace last longer than usual.

  • Better Safety

During maintenance, an HVAC specialist will ensure that your exhaust vent is properly connected and the combustion gases are safely exiting your home.


Just like furnace maintenance is necessary, it is equally necessary for you to hire a professional company to service your HVAC.. If you’re looking for the right company to handle your HVAC system, contact us at H.I. Mechanical. We are experts in every HVAC service area, and whether you need an A.C. repair or a heating service and furnace installation, Victoria, we’re up to the job.